Environmental Policy

Jacrac’s sustainable development to a greener future…

The use of display for advertising and promotional purposes has a positive impact on our society. It helps businesses to promote their products and services and achieve growth and success in their industry.

Jacrac Display recognises that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.

As a consequence of this, our management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. We recognise that environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

Energy Use
We have plans to improve the use of environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources to meet our needs. We are also investing to improve the energy efficiency of the products we use and sell.

Responsibility for Products
The company considers the environmental impacts of its products at all stages of their life cycle, from design to manufacturing, customer use and finally disposal.

Box Tape

We are making steps to change to an eco friendly alternative to plastic parcel tape which is made from kraft paper and not from plastic it is water & solvent resistant and acid free, the eco tape can be left on the cardboard carton when it is recycled.

100% biodegradable polythene

We are currently trialling an alternative from our standard PVC plastic bags used on our sealing machine to 100% biodegradable polythene using resins made from renewable plant based materials which would be compliant and certified for compost, we are excited as to how we get on with this and will update our customers just as soon as possible there is a further alternative by using polyolefin which serves as a very good alternative to PVC.

Transportation Total Zero - Carbon Neutral Deliveries
We now provide a courier service that ensures that parcels of all weights, sizes and types are shipped to any corner of the globe at no cost to the environment - an initiative that has received industry recognition and support.


Jacrac Display transports almost all of its parcels via road services, which produces up to eight times less CO2 than air transport. Carbon Emissions are Offset by counting the emissions and reducing where possible and then finally "Insetting" all remaining emissions that cannot be "Offset" by this process. "Insetting" is the process of investing in projects and continually improving methods of working to attain Zero Carbon Emissions.

We aim to reduce the amount of travel required by using other means of communication such as telephone, video calling, Email and the Internet.

Minimise waste
We aim to sustain Lean-manufacturing principles to minimise waste. The use of water and energy is carefully monitored to be more efficient.

Recycle where possible 
We recycle paper and cardboard where possible and use this as packaging material. The paper we use paper for our stationary is from sustainable forests (FSC standard). We have introduced the environmentally friendly Uvijet range of UV curing inks, to work with our new UV flat bed printer and we recycle our ink cartridges.

The Supply Chain
We will work with our suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.

Invest in people to meet our environmental standards
We train our staff to raise awareness in environmental matters and we expect our suppliers to follow our environmental standards. We hold regular lean manufacturing meetings, which reviews our environmental policies and strategies.