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Supplied Artwork

We can only accept artwork as ‘PRINT READY’ if it is supplied in the formats indicated below. Artwork should be sized in proportion and can be supplied at 50% of the finished size where banners and large format POS may be requested. Files should be in a suitable vector or bitmap format depending on the printing process undertaken, if unsure please ring 01274 484431 and ask for more details. 

FILE TRANSFER - Large artwork files can be sent FREE of charge via
File Format - The following file formats are accepted as print ready artwork, below are some print guidelines to ensure that your artwork

can be printed without delays and to the highest of standards.

YES PDF Format - Adobe PDF’s should be saved in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colour format, high resolution files with all fonts converted to outlines / curves. Artwork can be supplied at full size. Most major graphic manipulation tools will allow graphics to be saved as a PDF.

YES Ai / EPS File - We can accept print ready artwork as both (Ai and EPS file formats), please make sure all fonts and outlines are saved as curves. Please ensure any embedded images are supplied.

NO CDR CorelDRAW Files - We can not accept artwork created in CorelDRAW please make sure that your artwork is in one of the above formats.

NO Microsoft Files - We can not accept artwork created in a Microsoft program these are not a design package and if supplied as artwork these formats will require (where possible) converting to a usable format and may incur artwork charges


Fonts - Due to the vast amount of fonts available, all fonts must be outlined or embedded before sending the artwork. Failure to do so, could result in your artwork printing with automatically substituted fonts and appearing different to intended.
When sending artwork on disc please supply a hard copy of the artwork for us to check from.

Resolution - To ensure high quality print artwork or images need to be supplied at 300dpi
(dots per inch) or higher at actual size. Enlarging smaller images will result in loss of quality.
Anything lower than this may result in the image been blurry, bitmapped or pixelated print. Images from the internet are 72dpi and appear fine on screen but they are not suitable for full colour printing.

Colour - The colour format of your artwork is deteremined by the print process, please check below which format you require.

Screen Printing - (Vector Graphics) the following items are printed (silk screen) and require
the use of pantone colour references for matching purposes. Flags, Stickers, Roof / Window / Bonnet Pricing Units and Tax Disc Holders. So all colours should be supplied with pantone reference numbers.

Digital Printing - (Full Colour Graphics) the following items are printed (CMYK) and require
the artwork to be set to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) and spot colours should be converted to CMYK process. Flags, Display Products, Posters and Signs.